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NanoFloor Insulation

A Great Step Towards A Better Environment

· The best thermal insulation flooring system on the market
· High-performing off-the-shelf Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) in 5 sizes
· Easy installation with exceptional insulative standards
· Suitable for retro-fit on existing floors or new build projects
· Space saving – 5x thinner than other insulation products
· FREE! Computer generated installation plan

How Nanofloor's VIPs are used within a new floor construction and an existing floor insulation upgrade

Now it's Easy to Take a Step Towards a Better Environment 

NanoFloor Insulation is the off-the-shelf insulation solution for both new and existing floors.

Created from Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) NanoFloor Insulation offers a dramatically superior insulation performance, with the additional benefit of taking up to 5 times less space when compared with traditional PUR solutions.

Today’s demanding construction sector requires product availability with minimal lead times. Historically, Vacuum Insulation Panels have been a made-to-measure product with lead times of weeks rather than days. Now with NanoFloor Insulation’s 5 standard sizes Vacuum Insulation Panels insulation can be available immediately, enabling your project to proceed with minimal disruption.

In short, NanoFloor Insulation can help effienciency in your insulation project and the environment.

Technical Data

Panel Sizes:

Nanofloor vacuum panel flooring insulation sizes

Panel Thickness:

NanoFloor Insulation Thermal Conductivity:
  0.004W/mK (centre of panel tested value)
  0.008W/mK (aged design value)

PU Filler Strips Thermal Conductivity:

Insulation Performance Comparison:
Vacuum Insulation Panels need far less space than traditional insulation



10 Steps For Easy Installation

10 Steps for Easy Installation of Vacuum Insulation Panels

Step 1

Retro-Fitting an Existing Floor with Vacuum Insulation Panels

Retro-Fitting an Existing Floor

Measure the floor surface to be insulated and provide the Kevothermal Technical Team with the dimensions. Using bespoke software, our team will create a floor-plan detailing the quantity and arrangement of the NanoFloor Vacuum Insulation Panels required. This process ensures you are supplied with the most cost-efficient layout.


Step 2

Fitting the NanoFloor Insulation Panels

Place your order and we will supply you with:
· NanoFloor Insulation Panels
· Skim Foam
· PU Edging Strips


Step 3

Fitting the NanoFloor Insulation Panels

Once you have received your NanoFloor Insulation, ensure the area to be insulated is free from any sharp objects and sweep thoroughly to remove all loose debris.


Step 4

Fitting the NanoFloor Insulation Panels

Using the 3mm skim foam supplied by us, roll out the material, covering the entire floor area.


Step 5

Fitting the NanoFloor Insulation Panels

Tape together any joints in the skim foam layer to prevent movement when laying the NanoFloor Insulation panels.


Step 6

Fitting the NanoFloor Panels

Lay the PU filler strips supplied by us, along two adjoining walls. This will provide your starting point for laying the NanoFloor Insulation panels.
NOTE: the size of these PU filler strips will be specified by the Kevothermal Technical Team.


Step 7

Fitting the NanoFloor Insulation Panels

Using the floor-plan provided by Kevothermal, start laying the NanoFloor Insulation panels, taking care to exactly replicate the plan.
NOTE: It is important to work from a foot board to prevent damage to the NanoFloor Insulation panels.
DO NOT walk directly on the panels!


Step 8

Fitting the NanoFloor Insulation Panels

Once all NanoFloor Insulation panels have been laid, the remaining PU filler strips should be cut and positioned in any gaps around the wall/floor edges.


Step 9

Fitting the NanoFloor Insulation Panels

Where there are obstructions to the path of the NanoFloor panels these should be in-filled with the relevant thickness of PU insulation.
Never cut the NanoFloor Insulation panels, to fit gaps.


Step 10

Fitting the NanoFloor Insulation Panels

Roll a secondary layer of 3mm skim foam across the NanoFloor panels as protection, taping the joints as before.
You are now ready to lay your chosen floor surface, according to manufacturer’s instructions.
Remember to work from a protective foot board.