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Spandrel Panels

The building envelope needs to combine aesthetics and performance, which poses many challenges for building designers

Where there is a requirement for a Spandrel Panel System to have exceptional U-value performance with the thinnest possible build up, then Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) could offer a viable solution.

With a thermal conductivity (k-value) of 0.0036W/mK (Design Value - 0.007W/mK) Vacuum Insulation Panels are currently the best form of commercially available insulation on the market.

By optimising thermal insulation in the building facade this can help meet the highest energy requirements, whilst permitting design freedom and aesthetic appeal at the same time. The use of Vacuum Insulation Panels offers the ability to increase the percentage of window and vision area due to enhanced performance in the insulated areas.

Spandrel vacuum insulation panel system


When using Vacuum Insulation Panels in a construction environment there is always a concern that the VIPs will be damaged, either during the installation process or at a later date by the building occupier.

The significant advantage of using them in a Spandrel Panel System is that the Vacuum Insulation Panels would be embedded within the glazing system in an off-site location. This removes the threat of panel puncture when moved to the construction site.

By the nature of Spandrel Panels there would also be no opportunity for any fittings or fixings to be sent through the panels at a later date due to occupier activity.

Completed spandrel vacuum insulation panel system