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Floor Construction

One of the issues facing Architects when trying to renovate an existing property or constructing a new floor is how to achieve the necessary level of insulation with the thinnest possible build up.

In renovation projects the issues revolve around ensuring the existing habitable space is not reduced whilst adding extra insulation. 

In propertises where there is already an existing concrete floor slab the removal and excavation to the greater depth needed for conventional insulation could be an expensive and disruptive option compared to NanoFloor Vacuum Insulation Panels. 

U-values of 0.20W/m2K can be achieved with a 25mm thickness by using NanoFloor insulation. Whilst to achieve this level of insulation performance with PUR inculation it could take up 150mm thickness. 

The two diagrams on the right hand side show how NanoFloor Vacuum Insulation Panels can be itulised within a new or existing floor build up. 

For more information of how Vacuum Insulation Panels could be utilised within your project feel free to contact the Kevothermal technical department.


New floor vacuum insulation panel diagram

New Floor Construction

New Floor Construction

Nanofloor Vacuum Insulation Panels


NanoFloor Insulation